The Real estate investor community generally suffers from a horrible social stereotype. They’re seen either as fat lazy slum lords who throw single mothers out into the street in the middle of a cold night, or they’re imagined as rich fat cats who prey on the lower classes just trying to get by.

The reality is actually furthest from the truth, at least with most professional real estate investors.

This past weekend my daughter, Sarah, and I made an appearance at the Investor Forum, an annual meeting of some of the top investors and those interested in getting into real estate investing. I’d been absent for a year or so at the event, as I’d been focusing on rebuilding my life, goals and restructuring my career and business. I had expected to walk into a room of people I use to know, get some polite nods and some strange glances from those trying to remember my name.

Instead, almost immediately I was greeted with warm hugs and handshakes from those I’ve helped and have helped me in the past. This is a community that doesn’t forget or ignore those who work hard, support others and are open to learning.

Real Estate Investors Rock

I’ve been to a lot of networking, business and media events in previous stages of my other jobs and career. As a whole, the people at most of those events were guarded, uninterested, or looking for ways to help themselves; a common theme that ran through most events that required a fair amount of alcohol just to make putting on a dress shirt worthwhile.

At the Investor Forum, in stark contrast, my daughter was warmly approached over and over by attendees of all ages, shape, size and experience. They were thrilled to see a 10-year-old at the event learning the ropes and made her feel welcome, asking her plans, goals and thoughts of the event. Best of all, they were sincere. It made a huge impression on her and after 10 hours of shaking hands, asking questions, laughing and filling out draws she was still eager to stick around for the social event at the end.

There’s so few social groups like this that transcend all social and economic levels. We shook hands with multi-millionaires with huge portfolios and with those who still rent the house they’re living in, but are looking to create a better life. With only very few exceptions, they were all wonderful people.

If you haven’t found your place in the world or a supportive group to help you reach your goal, we’re here. Drop us a line or attend our next real estate investor event.