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We are a family oriented real estate investment company that focuses on providing mortgages, financing and investment opportunities to investors. We are investors ourselves and believe strongly in the programs and services we offer. We also offer advice, referrals and guidance to new and struggling potential investors to help them cut through the real estate industry chaos and focus on what’s right for them.

Our core service is mortgage financing and that provides the bulk of our income. We do not charge consulting rates or fees for memberships or advice.

  • Focused on long-term, family focused wealth
  • Proven analysis investing, not speculation
  • We’re successful when our clients are successful

How We're Paid

In most cases, our services are free for investors, our guides, checklists, analysis and long-term support is in most cases provided to our clients free of charge. Our commission is paid by lenders on the mortgages we arrange for your investment property purchase.

New Investor Specialists

One of the biggest issues we hear from potential new real estate investors is that they have trouble committing. They’re overwhelmed by the calculations, potential problems and the unknown. We take pride in holding your hand every step through the process and making sure things move along smoothly.

We're Investors Too!

It’s important to find a mortgage specialist that also invests in real estate themselves. Our preferred investment is single family homes and small multi-plexes under six units. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker who specializes in larger apartment buildings, we can provide a list of great referrals. If you’re looking to get wealthy with smaller units like us, we’re your perfect choice.

About Steve

Steve White
Steve WhiteReal Estate Investor | Mortgage Agent
Steve White is the founder of AssetMill, a company he started after spending hundreds of frustrating hours in real estate seminars and meetings. The idea behind the company is to educate those who want to invest in real estate safely, but do not want to make it their career. Many of the free training and weekend seminars were offering expensive mentoring and education courses that focused on getting rich quickly. AssetMill is different, cutting through the noise and helping people focus on the three vital areas of real estate investing: 1, find a nice home people will want to live in and take care of it, 2, find great people to live in the home and take care of them 3, focus on the long term and wait.

Steve dove head first into financial education and real estate investing after finding himself nearly bankrupt, almost homeless with a baby on the way.

Some of my highlights

My Favorite Projects
There are many ways to invest in real estate. My preferred method is to purchase undervalued or worn-out properties with ‘good bones’, invest in cosmetic updates (new flooring, countertops, appliances and paint etc) and refinance the property at a higher value. This allows me to hold the property long-term while allowing me to purchase income property with as little investment from my pocket as possible.

This strategy allows me to generally generate returns exceeding 30-50% annually on my cash investment. In some cases, when done properly I am able to purchase a house with no money down that provides a monthly cashflow.

  • When completed, low cash investment
  • Monthly cashflow income
  • Long term wealth through appreciation
My Goals
Off Topic: Favourite Books
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do

Steve’s Story

How and why I went from $22,000 in debt, hours cut at work, nearly homeless and a new baby 

to a portfolio of real estate worth nearly $1 million in just over 7 years. 

Everybody’s got a story, some are happy and some sad. My story starts in the middle where I found myself in a self-inflicted prison of stress, anguish and fear for the future. I’d never been good with money, I’d never had a lot. I had a happy humble childhood, my parents worked hard and we didn’t go without things we needed, but we didn’t drive shinny cars, have a cottage or even own our house. After high school when I got a full time job I had little responsibility and no skills with money. I invested my salary into fast food, a very respectable Clint Eastwood VHS tape collection including rare imports and an expensive leather jacket.

This spending trend continued after we graduated, but I was fortunate enough to be hired in my field right out of college. It was a unionized job and paid about double what I expected, even though it was part time hours. My wife and I moved in together, we picked up a couple credit cards and I waited for what would be the next inevitable full time position. As the years trickled by, I was aware our credit card balances were increasing, but so was our limit and I’d soon have a full time job and the new income would quickly pay down our debts.

My first scare came when my boss at the time told me my hours were getting cut back. I began to struggle to make my regular credit card payments, which at the time had increased to a couple hundred dollars each month. I began having sleepless nights, wondering when my luck would turn and I’d get rescued from this mounting debt. My luck did turn with a phone call from the doctor; on my 29th birthday I found out I was going to be a father.

As panic set in I approached my boss about more hours. His solution was to reclassify my position at the company, which meant more hours but a 30% pay cut; I was now taking home even less than before but working a lot more. After my second missed credit card payment I received a letter from the bank telling me as a penalty for two late payments my new interest rate was now 21%. At the bottom of the letter was the outstanding balance of $20,500.

At that point I felt overwhelmed took what I felt was a drastic step – I took inventory of my finances and created my very first budget. While rocking my newborn daughter in my arms I started dumfounded at the numbers scrawled on the paper. Even without discretionary spending, we were spending $500/month more than we were earning. I had enough money in the bank to cover next month’s rent, but after that it we would be overextended to the point that we wouldn’t be able to cover our rent, which was already low. If I didn’t fix my money problems I wouldn’t have a place to live in 60 days.

My baby daughter and I spent the rest of the day spitting up on each other as the shock and shame of bringing her into the world already saddled with crushing debt made me literally sick to my stomach.

My life finally took a turn about a sleepless month later. I was at a bookstore looking at books on finance and business, eager to find a solution to my problem. I found it almost by accident. It was a tiny book on the discount book rack marked down to $5. 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth by Richard Paul Evens changed my life, and I don’t say that lightly. In that book I learned for the first time in my life about the ‘secrets’ of money.

I learned about saving 10%, giving 10% (even if you don’t think you can afford it) and most importantly ‘Winning in the Margins’. I created a graphic design business and designed logos and stationery for clients around the world for $20 a pop. I soon grew the business to the point where the income and my new found respect for money allowed me to pay off the credit card and cut it into strips – I still have it framed on my bookcase as a reminder of how close I came.

I continued to save as much as possible, I took an RRSP loan for $20,000 and aggressively paid it back, which allowed me to purchase my first home. This was during the market downturn in 2009 and I was able to negotiate a good deal on my house. The experience buying a quarter of a million dollars was exhilarating and I knew instantly that real estate was where I belonged. I sought out experts and learned as much as I could about investing in real estate. Less than a year after I purchased my first home I was closing on an oceanfront cottage on the Cabot Trail. Student rentals and single family purchases followed in the coming years.

I used equity in my home to make my first purchases and bought under value foreclosures in a real estate market I knew. I created equity with cosmetic renovations and used that new equity for new purchases. There were certainly mistakes and lost potential revenue, but I’m well on my way to creating a legacy and a portfolio of real estate that will take care of my future generations.

I’m certainly not special. I have an eye for detail, a love of real estate and an inherited stubbornness that I direct toward not accepting ‘no’ or giving up; but other than that I don’t have anything the next person doesn’t have the ability to learn. I have what I have because I surround myself with experts who were willing to help me. I’m now doing the same with my clients, offering them information and guidance to help them create a wonderful life for their families.

All you have to do is ask.

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