We Specialize in Working With New Investors

There are literally tens of thousands of bank managers and mortgage agents and brokers licensed in Canada eager to get you to fill out an application for a mortgage. If however if you’re looking to purchase an investment property, the vast majority of them are unprepared for an investment property mortgage – you need to select a specialist like us right from the start.

Working with new, confused and overwhelmed real estate investors is where our passion lies. These are generally called ‘mom and pop’ investors in our industry and working well with you requires unique background and personality type. Drawing on our background in management training and educational training, we’re able to guide you through the process of buying an investment property holding your hand along the way.


We’re experienced real estate investors ourselves. We use the processes, checklists and processes every day to manage our properties. We know what works.


Take advantage of our network of realtors, investors, landlords, property managers, lawyers and professional investors. We can help connect you to someone in your area.


Unlike traditional mortgage agents, we’re interested in more than just the mortgage. We look over your shoulder through the whole process and help you along the way from purchase to tenant screening to dealing with repairs.


We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, seminars, memberships, mentoring and coaching in real estate. Take advantage of what we’ve spent and let us apply it to your situation.


We love looking at deals and are always happy to review potential purchases. There’s a lot of complex formulas that trip up many new investors, but we know what numbers to look for and what to ignore.


Leverage our network of tradespeople, insurance companies, lawyers and experts to ensure you’re paying as little as possible – it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.
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Our Three Keys of Real Estate Investing

      • Find the Property – find a nice place people will want to live in and take care of it, fix things that are broken.
      • Find the People – find great people who will take care of your house and take care of them, reward good behaviour.
      • Think Long Term – let your property increase in value and your mortgage decrease. Relax, you’re growing wealthy.

Client Kudos

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Steve over the past year, it has been noted that Steve takes pride in his work and pays great attention to detail. He has always been able to offer insight, expertise, experience, suggestions to improve our property values and way of community life for the better, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
Cheryl, Hastings Condo Corp 4
Very dedicated to his investments in the apartments he owned. I felt very comfortable bringing forward any issues forward knowing they would be resolved in the best manner possible.
Simon, Tenant Client
Steve was quick to deal with the situation (with a problem roommate). He was always quick with a response anytime that I had an issue through text messages. I recently moved out of town for a new job and Steve was very helpful in offering suggestions in what to expect from my new landlord and what my rights were. I’d definitely recommend anyone considering renting from Steve to jump at the opportunity. Very professional and courteous.
Briana, Tenant Client
Steve’s always an awesome person to talk about our real estate investments and things we should be doing. He’s always my first place we turn to and the guy knows it all!
Kevin, Single Family Home Investor
I partnered with Steve on a seasonal cottage rental. I’m always amazed at his ability to not only solve problems, but also predict them before they come up. A fantastic partner!
Darren, Real Estate Investor