What Kind of Real Estate Investor are you?

Everyone starts somewhere, whether you’re just starting out and are full of questions, you have several units already and are looking to push through and expand, or perhaps you are looking for a safe and predictable investment with no desire to drive around looking at houses or manage tenants.

You’re looking to purchase and rent out a single family home, small multi-family or seasonal cottage to rent out and are looking for help.

We can help you arrange the financing, work with local Realtors to find the right property and provide support and tools to help you set up your rental to run properly.We Can Help

You’re looking for better, more secure returns from real estate, but aren’t looking to be a landlord yourself.

We can offer RRSP/RESP eligible mortgage investments or hands-off investing through joint venture opportunities where you select the property that suits you and share in higher returns through direct ownership.We Can Help


Who the Heck is AssetMill?

We’re real estate investors and mortgage professionals that offer support, information and funding for Canadian investors.

We’re Not Your Typical Mortgage Company!

We specialize in mortgages and financing for real estate investments. We help everyone from young singles and couple looking to buy their first property, experienced investors looking to expand their portfolio as well as older or passive investors who are simply looking to generate better returns on their investments without the time or energy to manage a property themselves. We can help arrange mortgages for single family houses, multi-plex units and recreational/cottage investments. We also have a large network of lenders and investors who lend and borrow mortgages privately.

What makes us different? Unlike most mortgage companies who sit back and wait for clients to bring them numbers to crunch, we bring real estate financing, opportunities and knowledge to investors. We’re great at finding investments and we hate sitting back waiting for numbers. By bringing out clients deals and helping move them closer to their goals, we earn commissions and move closer to ours!

How Can AssetMill Help You?

In addition to offering mortgage and real estate investment options, we also provide support and information to our clients at no charge – everything from checklists, sample forms and guidebooks to referrals and investment property analysis to ensure you’re making an educated decision. Buying an investment property is usually far scarier than purchasing your own home and many people can never take that step. We’re here to help because as dedicated real estate investors ourselves, we see on a daily basis what a difference it can make to someone’s life and dreams.

One of our specialties is offering an equity shift strategy. We can help you shift some of the equity in your personal residence into an investment – either another property or an investment, such as a pooled mortgage with a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). In many cases MIC investments generate returns between 8-14% annually and are RRSP, RESP and TFSA eligible.

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Not Sure if Real Estate Investing is for You?

BEFORE you sign up for that weekend investing course, give us a quick call or send us an email. We’ll ask you a few general confidential questions to get an idea of what your goals and expectations are, where you are financially and where you want to be and we’ll give you free, unbiased advice.  No gimmicks, no pressure, no ulterior motives. There are a lot of horror stories out there about real estate investing and most of them are examples of people who had unrealistic expectations and lack of knowledge and systems.

Before you spend a couple hundred or thousand dollars on a weekend seminar or course, talk to us first. We’ll dispel some of the myths or offer realistic expectations about no money down investing, flipping and getting rich in real estate. That way if you do decide to take the course, you’ll have a broader knowledge of what to expect and what to ask.

Our Network

Success in real estate depends highly on information and teams, no one can do this alone. We’ve associated ourselves with some of the top real estate organizations in Canada and have a rich pool of knowledge to draw from. If we don’t know the answer, we likely know the person who does.